It’s time for Derby 101


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – New skater intake! As we close out the 2017 season, we look ahead to 2018 and those who will be joining us next year. Will you be among the amazing group of women who have joined this life-changing sport? Our upcoming clinics and bootcamp will get you ready to start fulfilling the derby dream! Join us for Derby 101!

DERBY 101 is the Big Easy Rollergirls’ bootcamp that will teach you the skating fundamentals you need to become a roller derby rock star, plus start building the strength and endurance that will let you give and take the big hits. You need no prior skating experience to participate! If you have skating experience, DERBY 101 is still a great fit for you, because it will teach you derby-specific skating skills and help to build your strength and endurance.

DERBY 101 will run from September 25 – October 2nd and include a two day skate clinic and one day bootcamp. All sessions will be held at Skate Country Westbank from 6-8:30 P.M.

Clinic & Bootcamp Dates:

September 25th – Skate Clinic
September 28th – Skate Clinic 
October 2nd – Bootcamp 

We’re also planning to have a gear workshop, a meet-and-greet happy hour, a cross-training homework plan, and a private Facebook group for you to ask questions and support each other as you train. *This will not be held at the same time as the clinics and bootcamps but you will receive more information on them there!*